Online Banking User Guide

Your Guide to Online Banking at Oconee State Bank

Oconee State Bank knows that in today's world, the convenience and security of electronic banking services are a top priority. We are proud to offer an assortment of E-Banking products to fit your every need. Whether it’s Net Advantage, Bill Pay or E-Statements, these products are sure to provide a convenient banking alternative.

This guide is provided to help answer your questions about Online Banking and explain how it can help you manage your accounts quickly and easily.

All sites are accessed through WWW.OCONEESTATEBANK.COM. Click on Net Advantage/Bill Pay to access Net Advantage & Bill Pay or eStatements to access your account statements.

Net Advantage
Net Advantage is our Online Banking service which allows you to access your account(s) through an Internet connection. This site is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. With Net Advantage you can:
• View current transactions in a Real Time environment
• Transfer funds to other OSB accounts
• Make OSB loan payments
• Download transactions into financial software
• View up to 12 months of statements

Getting Started
Upon enrolling in Net Advantage, the Bank will provide you with a Net Advantage ID. Your Net Advantage Password is the last 4 digits of your Social Security/Tax Identification Number.
• Visit our Bank’s website at
• Click on the link Net Advantage/Bill Pay
• Enter your Net Advantage ID & Password
• Click Login

Account Listing
This is the first screen you see once logged in to Net Advantage.
• Click on E-Mail to send a secure email to OSB
• Click on Help to access the Help Menu
• Click Logout to securely finish your session
• Click on an Account Name to display detailed account information
• Utilize the drop-down menus for additional functions

View your current transactions and search transaction history.
• View transactions from another account by selecting the account from the Current Account drop-down menu
• View other transactions not listed by changing the view options from the View Transactions Since drop-down menu
• Click a linked check number to display an electronic image of your check

Download your account transactions into financial software such as Quickenฎ or Microsoftฎ Money.
• Select Download from the top navigational menu
• Select a Date Range
• Select a Download Format compatible with your financial software
• Click Submit

View up to 12 months of account statements.
• Select Statements from the top navigational menu
• Your statement history begins with your first use of Net Advantage

Stop Payments
Utilize this feature to stop an outstanding check or a range of checks.
• Select Stop Payments from the top navigational menu
• Enter information into required fields
*Normal stop payment fees apply

Choose from a variety of transfer options for all of your OSB accounts.
• Select Transfers from the top navigational menu
• Select an account to transfer funds FROM
• Select an account to transfer funds TO
• Enter the transfer amount
• Select the transfer frequency
• Enter the transfer date
• When applicable, enter an expiration date
Submitting a transfer from your checking account to your loan account is a quick and easy way to make a loan payment.
*Transfers made until 6:00 P.M., Monday – Friday will be counted on that business day. Transfers after 6:00 P.M. will be counted on the next business day.

Net Advantage Options
Personal Options
• Change your Password
• Change your Net Advantage ID
• Change your email address
Account Options
• Change your account names
• Change your account display order
Alert Options
By setting up alerts, you will have an alert message available once you login to Net Advantage. An email is NOT generated for alerts.
• Set up account activity alerts
• Set up balance alerts
• Set up item alerts
• Set up personal alerts
ATM/Debit Card Options
• Activate a new card
• Report a card lost or stolen
Display Options
• Change display criteria as you prefer

Net Advantage Bill Pay
Bill Pay is available to all personal and business checking account holders. This service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You must be a Net Advantage customer to sign up for Bill Pay. With Bill Pay you can:
• Pay virtually anyone in the United States from individuals to businesses
• Schedule recurring payments or one payment at a time
• Set up an unlimited number of payees
• Pay out of multiple checking accounts, all from one login

Getting Started
Within 1 business day of signing up for Bill Pay, you can access Bill Pay through Net Advantage. Your Bill Pay Password is the last 4 digits of your Social Security/Tax Identification Number.
• Visit our Bank’s website at
• Click on the link Net Advantage/Bill Pay
• Enter your Net Advantage ID & Password
• Click Login
• Click Bill Pay on the top menu bar
• Enter your Bill Pay Password
• Click Submit
• Select the leftmost digit for your Bill Pay check payments
• Accept the Service Charge Terms and Agreement

Scheduled Payments
The Main screen of Bill Pay displays your scheduled payments. From this screen you can edit or delete a payment.
To begin paying bills, set up your Payee database.
• Select Payees from the top navigational menu
• Click Add Payee
• Enter Payee Name
*Less is more; ex. Type Verizon instead of Verizon Wireless
• Enter Payee State
The system first searches through the electronic payee database. If your payee accepts electronic payments, you can select from a list on the following screen. If the payee only accepts check payments, you will be prompted to fill in additional payee information.
*For electronic payees, be sure to match your remittance address correctly.

Add Payment
Once you have established your payees, you are ready to begin paying your bills.
• Select Add Payment from the top navigational menu
• Select the account you want to pay your bill from
• Select the Payee
• Enter the amount to be paid
• Type a memo for check payments; not applicable to electronic payments
• Select a payment frequency
• Select a payment date
• Select an expiration date for scheduled payments
• If payment changes, select variable payment

Quick Payment
Set up multiple payments from one screen.
• Select Quick Payment from the top navigational menu
• Check up to 10 Payees
• Select a payment date for each payment
• Select an account to pay each bill from
• Enter an amount for each payment

View and search payment history.
* A status of Processed indicates the item has been issued; this does not verify that the payee has received your payment.

Change Password
• Select Change Password from the top navigational menu to change your Bill Pay PIN

Add Account
This option is available if you have multiple checking accounts.
• Select Add Account from the top navigational menu
• Select an account you wish to pay bills from
• Accept the Service Charge Terms and Agreement

eStatements are electronically imaged versions of your regular account statements. Once your statement has generated, an email notification will be sent to you instructing you to login to the eStatement site and view your statement. You will no longer receive a paper statement in the mail. This site is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Features & benefits of eStatements:
• Receive email notification as soon as your statement has generated
• Receive your statement faster than by mail
• Reduce paper by saving your eStatement on your computer or a portable storage device.
• Stores up to 18 months of statements
• If your account offers check images, you will have access to view these items
• Ability to print statements to use when applying for loan services

Getting Started
Upon signing up for eStatements, the Bank will provide you with a User ID. Your Password is the last 4 digits of your Social Security/Tax Identification Number. We encourage you to change this password upon your initial login.
• Visit our Bank’s website at
• Click on the link eStatements
• Enter your eStatement User ID
• Click Submit
• You will then be prompted to enroll in the authentication system
• Enter the requested information and setup your Security Phrase (ex. My Oconee State Bank eStatements) and 3 Personal Security Questions
• Once you have set up your Security Phrase and Questions you will be able to login to view your statements

Changing Security Questions
• To change your security questions, click Update Enrollment Information
• Follow prompts to change your questions and/or answers

Resetting Security Questions/Unlocking Account
• If you have forgotten your security question answers, click Forgot Your Security Questions or Answers?
• You will receive an email with new answers to your questions
• To change the answers, login and click Update Enrollment Information
• If you have become disabled and are entering correct answers, call the Personal Banking Center at 706.769.3610

To View Your Statement
• In the File column, click on My PDF Statement
• Your statement will open as a PDF file
• You may open, save and/or print this file
*Files require Adobe Reader, a free program available to download at

Changing Account Alias
• Change your account alias (title) by clicking the paper and pencil icon to the left of the Alias column (ex. Jane’s Checking Account; John’s Savings Account)

Changing Password
• Click Change Password at the top left-hand corner of the screen once you have logged in

Logging Out
• Click Log Out at the top left-hand corner of the screen once you have logged in

Reconciliation Document
• To reconcile your statement, go to EBanking, eStatements, Reconciliation Page
• Print this page to reconcile your statement

Net Advantage, Bill Pay & eStatement Quick Tips
Available Balance
• If you are enrolled in CAPS, your available account balance will include this protection amount.
• When viewing current transactions click on Available Balance to view the breakdown of your account balance. This includes available balance, sweeps and CAPS.
• Utilization of CAPS funds will result in the normal CAPS fee.
Electronic vs. Check Payment
• An electronic payment takes 2-3 business days to reach your payee.
• A check payment takes 5-10 business days to reach your payee.
• Funds are verified before issuing an electronic payment. The system will attempt to issue the electronic payment until funds are available.
• The system does not verify funds for a check payment. As with any check, make sure funds are available.
• Click Payee for a listing of your payees. From this menu you can determine which payees are electronic and/or check.
• Payments are issued twice a day, Monday – Friday. Payments made after 1:00 P.M. will be sent on the next business day.
• Do not schedule payments on their due date. Allot enough time for a payment to reach the payee.
• If your payment is not received, contact the Personal Banking Center at 706.769.6611 to research your payment.
• Contact the Personal Banking Center at 706.769.3610 to obtain your User ID and/or reset your Password.
• Net Advantage, Bill Pay & eStatements are free services.
• Do not send personal, non-public information via email. Email is not a secure medium of communication.
Multi Factor Authentication
• Added layer of security for your protection.
• Requires the setup of 3 Personal Verification Questions.
• Anytime you login to Net Advantage or eStatements from an unknown computer, you will be asked to answer 2 of your 3 questions to verify your identity.
• To unblock your account, contact the Personal Banking Center at 706.769.3610.

All EBanking Services can be setup or cancelled from our website.

Visit our website,, for additional information on these services.

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