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Oconee State Bank, Watkinsville, GA

Debit Card Frequently Asked Questions

How can I report my debit card lost or stolen?

Please contact us at 706-769-6611 immediately if you suspect your debit card is lost, stolen, or compromised. You may also use our array of digital banking services to cancel your card. Report Lost/Stolen Card

How do I get a new PIN for my debit card?

To request a new PIN for your debit card, visit any of our financial center locations during business hours. We can also mail a new PIN to your address on file. Contact us at 706-769-6611 to request a PIN mailer.

What do I need to do if there are unauthorized transactions on my account?

Please contact us at 706-769-6611 immediately if you see unauthorized transactions on your account. If you notice any unauthorized transactions on your account, visit your local financial to file a dispute with a Personal Banker.

What is a Preauthorization?

With many debit card transactions, you may notice that a merchant has processed a preauthorization (PA) on your card for an amount that differs from the actual purchase price. Merchants process these preauthorizations in an attempt to “hold” the funds from your available balance until the final transaction is processed or to validate that the card is active. 

A common example of a preauthorization is a gas station that initially charges your card $99.00. This charge will be reflected in your available balance until the merchant processes the final amount of the transaction, or within three (3) business days. 

Preauthorization amounts are predetermined by the merchant; we have no control over the amount they process and are unable to modify or remove these transactions from your account.

What are Foreign ATM Fees?

Oconee State Bank charges a foreign ATM fee whenever you use an ATM that we do not own. This fee is in addition to any charges imposed by the foreign ATM owner.  Essential Checking and Essential Plus Checking account holders get three free foreign ATM withdrawals per statement cycle.

What is the daily cut-off time for ATM withdrawals?

ATM withdrawals made before 3:00 PM EST on a normal business day will be deducted from your available balance immediately and post the same day. Withdrawals made after 3:00 PM EST will be deducted from your available balance immediately and post on the following business day.

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